Insolvencies & Impairments

Below is a list of insurance company insolvencies for which ILHIGA is currently activated to provide protection to Illinois policyholders. CLICK ON ONE OF THE UNDERLINED COMPANY NAMES FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Please be advised that this list does not include every insolvent insurer that has affected Illinois policyholders. You may be able to find additional information about insolvent insurers at and at the state insurance department where the company is domiciled (state of domicile is listed after the name of the company). For insolvent insurers domiciled in Illinois additional information may be available at

Company Name (Domicile State)NAIC NumberLiquidation Date
Executive Life Insurance Company (CA)
Executive Life Insurance Company of New York (NY)6191308/08/2013
Illinois Healthcare Insurance Company (IL)6022506/30/2000
Land of Lincoln Mutual Health Insurance Company (IL)1510210/01/2016
Life & Health Insurance Company of America (PA)7788707/02/2004
Lincoln Memorial Life Insurance Company (TX)6983309/22/2008
National States Insurance Company (MO)6059311/15/2010
Oak Casualty Insurance Company (IL)3082111/19/2002
Penn Treaty Network America Insurance Company (PA)6328203/01/2017
SeeChange Health Insurance Company (CA)635411/28/2015